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Case Studies: Star Service HVAC, Cooling & Heating

Case Studies: Star Service HVAC, Cooling & HeatingStar Service has hundreds of case studies that demonstrate reduced cost and improved comfort in our clients' facilities. Contact the Star Service location nearest you to learn about how we serve your industry your area. Our innovative approach to maintaining & upgrading air conditioning has saved money for a lot of schools and businesses!

Case StudiesIntroduction
4000 Sherwood Building

Over $73,000 in energy and operational savings just in the first year, a state of the art control system now operates the HVAC, Increased tenant comfort and improved reliability and it increased the building value by $858,000

Country Club of Louisiana

The Country Club of Louisiana was advised to budget for the replacement the HVAC systems due to poor performance. Replacement of the thirty year old equipment would cost over $800,000 and create disruption to its club members.

Entergy Case Study
Entergy Case StudyWith over 250 buildings in a three state area, Entergy has relied on Star Service for their air conditioning needs. Under the Guaranteed Lifetime Protection Agreement, Star Service provides the preventative maintenance, repairs and replacement of equipment, all for one bill per month. Some facilities are critical to the operations of Entergy's power distribution and require highly skilled labor and immediate response to problem calls. Star was up to the challenge!
Jefferson Parish School System Case Study & Video

Jefferson Parish School System Case StudyFor years, Jefferson Parish Schools had contracted with low bid maintenance providers for the HVAC systems, only to find themselves paying for excessive repairs and replacement of systems. Star Service was able to provide a more cost effective approach by implementing the Guaranteed Lifetime Protection Agreement.

Manufacturer Case Study & Video

Manufacturer Case StudyStar Service was selected as the contractor for this job because we had the helicopter service needed to replace 23 rooftop units, providing the customer with a weekend turnaround. We started Friday afternoon and had the facility up and running by Sunday. 

Port Allen High School Case Study & Video
Port Allen High School Case StudyWest Baton Rouge Parish School Board realized a 28% reduction in electrical savings and eliminated HVAC repair and maintenance costs while improving the comfort conditions for the teachers and students. This approach was an alternative to the board's original decision to spend up to $600,000 to replace the system.
The House of Blues Case Study & Video
House of Blues Case Study
Whether it's late at night and the auditorium and stage are filled to capacity or during the frantic afternoon and evening lunch periods, the customers and employees at the House of Blues have to be comfortable. Not only was Star Service able to lower the air conditioning and HVAC operating costs but we dramatically improved comfort and reliability as well.



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