Common AC Problems in the Gulf

Common AC Problems in the Gulf
5/28/2015 12:32:56 PM
Avoiding HVAC Problems

If you saw a heat wave—would you wave back? Well, your industrial air conditioning system won’t. As HVAC contractors, we know that air conditioning units become overburdened in the heat waves that are all too common here in the Gulf. Heat waves make industrial air conditioning units work even harder than they do in our everyday heat.

Common industrial air conditioning problems in the gulf

This heat challenge causes a number of common and pervasive AC maintenance problems in the Gulf:

1. Dirty condenser coils

Condensers are rarely given the love they need… likely because they’re often hard to reach and stored away on a rooftop or other hard-to-access area. With industrial air conditioning units working as hard as they do here in the gulf, condenser coils become clogged with dirt and other natural materials. This causes the unit to work significantly harder and use more fuel. It also causes the unit to wear out prematurely and need expensive emergency service calls. Most HVAC contractors profit off the wear of these coils.

2. Lack of lubrication

On the inside of your AC unit, coils can get just as damaged as outside coils due to a lack of high-quality lubrication. This lubrication causes condenser coils to operate at a higher temperature, which is damaging to the coils and overall efficiency. Not only can it cause more rapid (and expensive) wear, it can also cause compressor seizure.

3. Moisture

Dirt and lack of lubrication are highly detrimental to coils—but their number one enemy is moisture. When moisture and heat becomes trapped in hermetic and semi-hermetic industrial air conditioning systems it breaks down the motor system’s insulation—causing industrial air conditioning failures. And the higher the heat and humidity, the more potential moisture you will encounter.

4. Oil

Oil overtime loses its protective qualities, which is why your system’s oil should be changed regularly. Between changes, a proactive HVAC contractor like Star Service uses spectrochemical analysis to determine contaminants in the oil and the timeframe for changing. It can also find system issues that simply changing oil can’t do. Without oil, your system will seize and go to the AC graveyard prematurely.

5. Aging parts

An industrial air conditioning system isn’t a single unit—it’s an amalgamation of parts. Those parts are like a chain, and your system is only as strong as its weakest part. Individual parts in poor condition due to aging and overuse will cause overworking of the overall system and send it to the graveyard prematurely. The only way to know that you have aging parts that need replacing is with preventative servicing and visual and chemical inspections.

6. Size

Your AC unit needs to be sufficient enough—and efficient enough—to cool your entire premise. If you’ve added space or have an inefficient system, you’ll need to push your system beyond the max and cause premature wear. You may need to re-evaluate if your system is large enough to accommodate the demand, and in good enough condition.

How to avoid these all-too-common problems

The most common issue with the Gulf’s AC problems is that many operations teams deal with issues reactively. This is the most expensive approach and it causes downtime, uncomfortable environments and added pressure on your operations staff. The better approach is proactive, preventative AC maintenance.

Unfortunately, far too many operations teams don’t have the time to switch from reactive to proactive maintenance—even though most would prefer the latter. That’s where we come in. Here at Star Service we work with our clients to create an extremely efficient system that functions well over the long term. The results are less downtime, extended product lifecycle, improved air comfort, and monthly payment programs that make preventative AC maintenance an affordable option.

Call us today to have an honest talk about how we as AC contractors can help reduce your energy costs and maintain your system in a way that simply makes cents.

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