Port Allen High Case Study

Port Allen High Case Study
5/28/2015 12:46:41 PM

Star Service and Port Allen High

Our best sales force is our clients. By fostering long-term relationships as an HVAC contractor that benefits them in ways they hadn’t thought possible, we cement not only a long-term business relationship—but also referrals and endorsements.

When we asked Port Allen High if we could create a case study about the work we’ve done with them for AC maintenance, they were ready and willing to share their success. Here's their story:

Port Allen High Industrial Air Conditioning Case Study

Port Allen knew they needed some major overhauls for their industrial air conditioning equipment. They had been on the path to replacing their HVAC chiller system, at a cost of $550,000. Obviously this was a monumental undertaking—and budget—and we’re glad we had a chance to explain our advice. Our advice to them was simple: let our Baton Rouge HVAC contractor professionals fix their existing system for a more manageable cost (and without the huge upfront investment).

After significant debate with them about the benefits of overhauling an existing system that still potentially had life left in it—versus replacing it entirely—we made them an offer they couldn’t pass up… to make the improvements with no risk to them.

We got their vote by offering to make the needed changes to improve efficiency and extend the system’s lifecycle, for free. Then, when the school board was happy with our service they would enter into a paid relationship. Unsurprising to us, they opted to continue with us after we began work.

In total we worked with them on a number of services to bring their equipment up to par and to keep it that way for the long term. These included:

  • A complete on-site HVAC contractor renovation of all their mechanical HVAC systems;

  • Introduction of automation and controls to improve the system’s visibility and their knowledge of it;

  • Assumed responsibility by Star Service for Port Allen High’s environmental systems.

The results were phenomenal.


After we worked on their system makeover we received a unanimous vote from the board to be awarded their HVAC business. Perhaps they loved our work, or perhaps they were afraid of being hit with a half-million-dollar bill—but they quickly hired us based on our month-to-month service contract.

Since then, they have experienced an annual utility savings of $32,390 annually thanks to our AC maintenance.

The investment from Port Allen High in our AC maintenance service was a fraction of their other quotes. Not only were we able to save them money upfront, but also on an on-going basis in terms of energy savings, lifecycle extension and repair costs. There were no loans, capital expenditures, long-term commitments or complex contractual agreements.

The agreement

What we offered Port Allen was the opportunity to improve the efficiency (both cost and energy based) to get on a month-to-month service contract that is focused on preventative AC maintenance.

Essentially our agreement was to completely take over their industrial air conditioning systems. We maintain it, fix and repair it, and monitor it for upcoming efficiency improvements and changes. All this while saving them money and allowing them to better budget their AC systems through amortized service contracts that ended up being cheaper than the alternative.

They don’t pay us large sums to fix the system—they pay us less to keep it 100% functional and efficient.

Their thoughts

"Star Service took what they were able to do for their commercial and industrial customers and implemented the same techniques into the public sector,” says Port Allen. "The result was a huge success, not to mention 100s of happy teachers and students who are in a more comfortable learning environment”.

In addition to the quote above, the principal and teachers have told us that the system hasn’t worked this well since it was installed over two decades ago.

That’s how Star Service HVAC contractors ‘roll’ (as the students would say).

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