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BAE SYSTEMS Preventative Maintenance Case Study

BAE SYSTEMS Preventative Maintenance Case Study

BAE Systems provides some of the world's most advanced, technology-led defense, aerospace and security solutions. So, they don't call just any heating and air conditioning outfit when they need a partner.


The Star Service model for AC maintenance

Our business model is the opposite of what most HVAC contractors use. Instead of profiting from the emergency service calls associated with system failures, we focus on affordable, preventative maintenance. We get paid based on the success of your system.

There are a number of benefits to our preventative maintenance that BAE immediately understood:

1. Product lifecycle extension

Poorly-maintained industrial air conditioning systems wear out quicker—both the whole and its individual parts. If parts are not proactively replaced the system will work harder to compensate and increase the overall cost (which amortized over the 10 years max that a poorly-maintained system has is expensive!).

2. Energy savings

A properly-maintained industrial air conditioning system can use up to 35% less energy than a system maintained poorly and therefore functioning inefficiently. We’ve saved many of our clients upwards of $100,000 annually through increased efficiency alone.

3. Decreased downtime

Downtime happens when you reactively respond to seizures and failures. If you haven’t looked at your associated expenses of downtime—it’s expensive.

4. Significant reduction in emergency service calls

Downtime not only means sacrificed cooling for your employees but also expensive service calls—and many HVAC companies bank on this.

5. Increased comfort

Not everything can be reduced to a number. What’s the comfort of your employees and staff worth? Think of the last time you had an outage—how many times did you pause work thinking about how hot you were and how stifling the air was. Multiply this by your number of workers and that’s a significant productivity loss.

Obviously proactive AC maintenance is the ideal. Of course, most operations staff don’t have the time or budget to operate proactively. That’s where Star Service comes in. Not only can we make the switch for you (freeing up valuable man hours), we can also give you an affordable monthly bill that helps you avoid costly emergency fixes, repairs and system replacements.

The BAE Systems Contract

BAE Systems prioritized preventative AC maintenance in searching for an HVAC contractor in Mobile and Jacksonville, where their operations are based. Like many of our clients, making that switch with their existing budget and staff was simply unattainable. We wanted them to go ahead and make the switch so much that we took the risk off them and put it on ourselves.

The risk we took was that included in BAE System’s service contract was the ownership of AC system failures. This accountability meant that BAE could bring all their AC maintenance into one monthly umbrella payment that included preventative maintenance. If the system failed—we fixed it and paid for it.


The reason we took ownership of potential failures is that we believe in preventative AC maintenance so deeply. We knew that by properly maintaining their systems over the long term, emergency failures would be few and far between. Their system's oil was changed, the coils cleaned, it used high-quality lubricants, we replaced aging parts, and did overall monitoring of the health of their systems— such that emergency failures would be few and far between. And we put our money where our mouth was.



BAE Systems and their BAE Shipyards got a fully-functioning system with emergency-failure guarantees—at a monthly price they could work into their budget (avoiding large, surprise costs).

Angel Melendez Jr., BAE’s Senior Facilities Manager, couldn’t be happier with the relationship and service agreement when he says, "Utilizing Star Service was one of the best business decisions I have made. Under our Fixed-Cost Agreement all components, parts, labor and materials are covered.” He goes on to say that, "they provide impeccable technical and customer service and complete their work in a timely and diligent manner… I would highly recommend Star Service as your HVAC company.”

Our existing clients truly are our great resource here at Star Service HVAC contractors. Their happiness has built our on-going and growing success. BAE trusted Star Service as their Mobile HVAC contractor-- contact us today to find out how we can help you too.


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