Rodos Realty Partners, BB&T Building, Destin, Florida Preventative Maintenance Case Study

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Rodos Realty Partners, BB&T Building, Destin, Florida Preventative Maintenance Case Study

In the hot month of July 2015, Rodos Realty Partners, LLC of Atlanta bought the 25,000-square-foot BB&T Bank office building in Destin, Florida.

Rodos Realty Partners owns and manages strip shopping centers in the Atlanta area. But the purchase of the BB&T Bank office building made it the first commercial office building under Rodos Realty’s ownership and management.

The mechanical HVAC system in the BB&T Bank building is a built-up system consisting of a water-cooled chiller, cooling tower, pumps, boiler, chilled water air handlers with variable air volume boxes on each floor and a Siemens Invensys Building Control System, which was upgraded with a Talon (Niagara Controls) front-end.

The new property owners were not familiar with a built-up HVAC mechanical system; they were more familiar with rooftop package units and split-systems, which are typically used on strip shopping centers.

The new owners also quickly realized the high costs for service and repairs from the invoices received for worked performed by the incumbent HVAC contractor. To make matters worse, it appeared more repair costs would be coming in the future after discussing the problems with the contractor’s sales consultant. To add insult to injury, the sales consultant also implied they were the "only” contractors authorized to service the Siemens Talon System.

Wanting a "new set of eyes” on their mechanical systems, Rodos Realty contracted with Star Service.

As a licensed Tridium contractor (Niagara Controls), Star Service was able to quickly identify equipment/controls deficiencies. The new building owners were very pleased to learn the fix-up costs were actually minimal compared to the equipment repair quotes and control upgrades quoted by the original contractor.

Star Service presented Rodos Realty Partners a complete building evaluation, along with pictures depicting extreme deferred maintenance conditions. Contacting us before replacing their system ended up being the right thing to do.

In the end, Star Service saved Rodos Realty Partners thousands of dollars by mitigating unnecessary equipment repairs and controls upgrades. Star Service is currently servicing the HVAC mechanical systems under a Guaranteed Professional Maintenance Program (GPM), which includes the ongoing preventative maintenance, supplies, parts & components, and all labor 24/7.

The GPM program allows Rodos Realty peace of mind, knowing their investment is protected from afar.

Every building owner usually gets to a point where they feel married to the controls manufacturer. If your commercial property is giving you HVAC nightmares and you feel locked-in to your current controls system, visit us online or give us a call today and we’ll help you find a solution.


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