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Star Service, Inc. of Mobile Saves Turquoise Place Condominiums Money by Avoiding a $1M Project and Providing Priceless Peace-of-Mind with a Preventative Maintenance Program

Turquoise Place Condominiums is a premier resort in Orange Beach, Alabama. After receiving a cost estimate of over $1 Million for a complete HVAC replacement, Star Service, Inc. of Mobile was contacted for a second opinion. A previous contractor stated that all the major components of HVAC equipment at Turquoise Place needed to be completely replaced, but Star Service disagreed. After assessing the equipment and completing a thorough survey, it was determined that the equipment was repairable. Star Service completed the project for less than a fourth of the replacement quote, saving the customer substantial upfront costs, operational disturbance and down time. A full-service maintenance program was also implemented to ensure maximum potential lifecycle for the equipment along with optimal efficiency and energy savings.

Here are before and after photos of our work.

Due to neglect by the previous contractor, Turquoise Place wanted to collaborate with a "dedicated and professional group,” according to Director of Engineering, John Valenta. Star Service conducted an extensive assessment that revealed the major issues involved the AAON Make-Up Air Units (MAU), Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers and Rust/Structure Repairs. These issues affected the operation and efficiency of the total HVAC systems.

The MAU’s had the most apparent problems which included both major components (compressors grounded) and some minor repairs (blown fuses and contactors). Multiple Variable Frequency Drives (VFD), crankcase heaters, condenser fan motors and damper blades were not operable. The condenser and evaporator coils were extremely dirty and compacted. The units were either extremely low or completely out of refrigerant. However, this was a challenge that Star Service knew how to handle.

It was discovered that the Cooling Towers were in need of a thorough cleaning of scale. The towers were properly disassembled, cleaned and re-assembled. To ensure operational efficiency the Heat Exchangers were cleaned as well.

Lastly, the rust and structural issues were addressed on the HVAC cabinetry, vestibules and base rails. As with most buildings on beaches of the Gulf Coast, salt air poses the never-ending threat of rust. Turquoise Place is a top-of-the-line complex that takes pride in aesthetics and luxury, and Star Service was able to provide that same level of excellence to Turquoise Place. "I am so impressed with Star Service and the performance you have shown me”, said John Valenta. "It will always be my pleasure to recommend Star Service to any other organization that is in need of a professional approach and response to their needs.”

Star Service is a progressive HVAC contractor founded in 1952. We are committed to providing excellent service, maintenance and design-build of air conditioning systems in commercial and industrial facilities. Our disciplined approach and our people make the difference, along with our strong culture of delivering what was promised, for a fair price and in a safe manner. We will always consider the customer's best interest in our work. Our owners are intimately involved with the day to day operations of the business. Our customers are our best advocates.


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