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Our Safety Program

Star Service is and has been installing air cleaning technologies prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. As experts in the HVAC business, Star has tested various systems and products from several manufacturers.

Proven test results, costs, installation and maintenance of the technology and availability all play into our selection process.
Take the guess work out of which application is best for your system and allow Star Service to apply their expertise in determining the correct solution.

Star Service Guaranteed Life-Time Protection Program

The Star Difference

We take a completely different approach to the commercial HVAC service industry. Instead of prioritizing inefficient, costly repairs, we focus on long-term maintenance plans that transfer the risk to us while keeping your system functioning at its peak performance and reducing costs. For almost 70 years, our clients have experienced what it is like to work with Star.

Systems We Service

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • Package Units and Split Systems
  • Chillers and Chilled Water Systems
  • Boilers and Hot Water Systems
  • Cooling Towers
  • Air Handling Units
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • VAV Terminal Units
  • Building Automation Systems
  • Filtration

From small commercial businesses to entire school districts and industrial facilities, we service any HVAC system.

1. Concept Call

Before our partnership begins, we have discussions to ensure we are a good fit for one another.

4. Proposal Development

We present you with a detailed maintenance proposal highlighting our schedule plan and services.

2. System Analysis

Our first step is analyzing your entire system to determine its current functionality status. 

5. Ongoing Maintenance

Our technicians perform proactive maintenance and replace any parts before they fail. 

3. Building Survey

We catalogue your equipment and identify risks while performing a system analysis.

6. Building Improvements

At Star Services, we consistently work with you to mitigate risks and find additional savings.

With our full-service, preventative maintenance plans, we keep your systems running at an optimal level while keeping your overall costs down



We develop unique plans and schedules to optimize the functionality of almost any system.


We service most makes and manufacturers to remain objective and provide our clients with the best possible solutions.


We have the team, capability and parts to quickly respond to any issue that appears.
Preventative Approach

Preventative Approach

No one in this industry operates like us. We make the financial investment to keep your equipment running; if something breaks - we repair it at our expense.
Expert Technicians

Expert Technicians

Our team members are consistently trained to stay up to date on new systems and practices. 


We have Star teams across the state delivering the same level of exceptional service and care to our clients.

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