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As a growing heating and air conditioning maintenance company, we strive to help keep our customers informed of the latest advances, tips and news in the various fields that support HVAC design, installation and maintenance. Controls and energy management are growing segments in our business that require us to keep up with the lastest standards and National and Local regulations.

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4 Things You Must Know About Commercial HVAC Services

With all the different input the world has regarding HVAC systems and services, it’s difficult to determine myths from the truth. Continue reading as we break down the truths of four different myths surrounding commercial HVAC services.

2020 HVAC Trends to Expect Including the R-22 Phase Out

Building owners everywhere are upgrading their HVAC equipment to increase their energy savings. In 2017, section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code was amended to allow businesses to deduct up to $1 million of the overall HVAC cost for the system’s first year of use with a maximum of $2.5 million purchase price. Because these tax benefits will start to fizzle out in 2023, now is the perfect opportunity to save money when upgrading your system.

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