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Star Service – Parkview Baptist School

Parkview Baptist School

Church & School

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

• Upgraded Chiller Plant
• Re-pipe Systems
• Upgraded Controls System
• Energy Management

Energy Savings with Proper Energy Management

Aging chiller system and piping layout created a liability for the facilities and were expensive to operate. The Building Automation System consisted of an obsolete control system.


Adequate control and use of the system were difficult for the customer. Tight budgets prevented complete replacement.


Star Service began replacing the Building Automation System in phases, according to the customer’s budget. Graphics and easy-to-use scheduling improved the utilization of the system for the school and church.  Now, the school has a cloud-based system, allowing the customer to modify set points and schedules remotely. Scheduling and tighter controls have improved the efficiency and ease-of-use. The new Building Automation System is also an Open-Protocol system, which provides the customer flexibility by not being locked-in or obligated to work with a single contractor. Any contractor can add to or service the the new Building Automation System.

The Results

Savings were tracked by the customer and reported to attain over a 40% reduction in energy consumption. The customer is not “locked-in” to any one BAS contractor and the system has a history of “backwards migration”, meaning that the system has a history of non-obsolescence.