Before Replacing Your HVAC System

Before you replace your industrial HVAC systems ...

The industrial air conditioning industry is accustomed to replacing equipment rather than repairing or refurbishing it. That's just the way most suppliers do business.

There is much less risk for a HVAC contractor to replace an aging system with a new system, and his profitability is greatly enhanced. That said, we have this advice: Obtain a second opinion before changing out units. You can save incredible amounts of money by repairing before replacing.

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Listed below are some of the reasons units are changed out prematurely.
  • A failed component within the system just needed to be replaced.
  • The system was no longer operating as designed, due to various contractors or technicians all making slight modifications over a period of years. Simply, recommissioning the system and restoring it to its original design will often remedy the problems.
  • Refurbishing old equipment and bringing the systems to like new condition can solve a lot of problems and is much easier on the budget. Star Service has done this on many occasions for a fraction of the cost to replace the equipment, and Star assumes the risk, if the units do fail.
Star Service has the in-house expertise to assess your HVAC system and provide the best preventative maintenance recommendations and the most cost effective solution. We have repair technicians in all of our serviceable locations. From Houston, to Baton Rouge, to New Orleans, to Jackson. We are located all along the Gulf South.

Want to know how new, energy-efficient AC designs can help your facilities? Before Considering Expensive Replacements of your HVAC Systems, contact Star Service for a consultation. Our HVAC technicians have the experience and professionalism to suggest what's right for your business.

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