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HVAC Control Systems & Commercial Building Automation

Fluent in integrating LonMark/LonWorks, BACnet, and OPC

Whether it is a matter of making your current control system operate more effectively or installing new, user-friendly controls, Star Service can help. Star Service has successfully implemented cost effective HVAC control strategies in many buildings, saving customers thousands of dollars. In many cases, comfort issues were resolved with more precise control.

HVAC controlsIn many businesses from Houston to Baton Rouge to Florida, the investment in design-build for complete mechanical and control systems can be paid for quickly by the savings generated. Star Service specializes in control upgrades, and often the right upgrade for your business doesn't have to cost a lot of money.

Star's technicians and engineers will assist you in determining the most cost effective approach to implementing a control system that is state-of-the-art, easy to use, and delivers improved energy efficiency. With Niagara AX, we can integrate with almost any control system and provide a seamless web interface.

We are not a manufacturer or a manufacturer's rep that has to sell product in order to remain profitable. Our control solutions are based on what makes the best sense for your business. More importantly, our controls don't force you to rely solely on Star Service to expand or maintain the system.

  • Reduced operating expenses
  • Increased tenant satisfaction
  • Web-based interface and open system architecture
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Increased property value
  • Total integration of systems in your building

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Fluent in integrating- Lonworks, Bacnet and OPC


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