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Energy Management Services

How does the energy consumption in your building compare to similar buildings? Star Service offers a full range of energy management services for facility managers, industrial operations managers, school administrators and business owners.

Whether you need a detailed, comprehensive energy efficiency audit and load studies or a guaranteed, self-funded program that will fund badly needed improvements to your facility, Star Service can help.

Energy efficiency services

energy audit for business

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We routinely provide these services for our business partners throughout the Gulf Coast Region, from Baton Rouge to Houston to New Orleans to Mobile, Alabama. Combined with the operational savings we deliver through our maintenance offerings, we can design programs that actually pay for facility improvements with no required, up-front capital. Financing is available if needed and can be structured so that the savings will service the debt.


These services complement our design and maintenance services in a way that allows us to provide solutions of value to our customers. These types of programs greatly reduce the risk associated with other types of programs, which often require a commitment from 10 to 20 years to pay for needed improvements.

Contact a Star Service office to determine if your facility has the potential for energy savings and to prioritize savings opportunities.


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