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NFPA 496

A local industrial customer went through a safety audit and as a result was faced with the challenge of having to correct the deficiencies found.

Having been made aware that 32 of their control room, laboratory, switch house and MCC (Motor Control Center) buildings did not comply with the requirements of NFPA 496, this facility had to get these buildings in compliance. They didn't have much time to do it, nor did they have much budget for this unforeseen expense.

NFPA 496

Traditionally, industrial customers facing OSHA compliance issues would have plenty of time to resolve the problem. They should have plenty of time to consult with an outside engineering firm, to get a bid process started, and to work with multiple contractors to deliver the final solution.

In this case the customer allowed Star Service to perform a preliminary assessment of each building and make recommendations for a more cost effective approach to satisfy the OSHA mandates.

Turn-Key NFPA 496 Design, Installation and Verification

  • Verified performance through testing and measurement
  • OSHA compliance
  • Proven solutions with NO finger-pointing
  • Accountability for our delivered outcomes

The assessments allowed Star Service to determine solutions to the problem, which provided the customer with alternatives to total replacement of their HVAC systems. This enabled the customer to make an informed decision on-time and on-budget, while preventing the disconnect between design engineers and installing contractors. 

This approach saved considerable time and money due to the fact that Star Service was able to provide a total turn-key solution with its in-house design engineers, installation team and digital controls group.

After the solutions were applied to these buildings and compliance was confirmed, Star Service continued to work with the customer to develop a  comprehensive maintenance protocol for ongoing compliance with NFPA 496. 

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