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Inspected & Tested

Star Service provides a single point of accountability for testing and commissioning HVAC and automation and control systems. We have a team of engineers, project managers and technicians that reviews plans and specifications and tests your systems to ensure they are operating correctly and efficiently. We will also make sure you receive all the necessary documentation and training from the OEMs.

Ongoing Commissioning involves monitoring existing Building Automation and Control Systems to ensure all alarms and trouble logs are handled properly, and sensors are calibrated correctly.  Main electric and gas utility meters can be monitored in real-time and sub-metering of HVAC, Lighting and Plug Load, can be installed and monitored to help identify inefficiencies that are usually a sign that maintenance services are needed.

ReCommissioning is recommended for buildings that are not achieving the system performance standards required by the occupants and building owners. Over time, systems tend to drift from the original specifications due to various reasons. ReCommissioning is recommended every 5 years to recalibrate all systems to ensure they are operating correctly.

Retro-commissioning: Re-Inspecting & Testing
Older Buildings

Retro-commissioning may be required on older facilities that have not gone through a regular commissioning process and/or there have been changes to how a facility is being used. Retrocommissioning can involve refurbishing an HVAC system and bringing sequences of controls back to their original configuration. Recommendations may be made to make changes from the original design to accommodate modifications or additions made to a facility, or to take advantage of a more energy-efficient system.

Over time, HVAC systems in older buildings cannot seem to maintain a comfortable environment and/or the energy costs have been rising gradually. In situations like this, it is very common to find that issues with older systems have been accumulating over time due to:

  • Lack of overall maintenance
  • Sensors and thermostats need calibrating
  • Variable air volume boxes not working properly
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Cooling coils, condenser coils, heating coils, fan blades need to be cleaned
  • Energy Management System (EMS) sub-routines need to be re-enabled or modified
  • Distribution systems need to be rebalanced
  • Loose belts, leaky valves and low refrigerant charges