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65 Years of Trusted HVAC and AC Repair Service

Star Service HVAC van on callStar Service is a full service HVAC service specializing in preventative maintenance and turn-key installation of HVAC systems. We partner with facility managers, industrial operations managers, school administrators and business owners from Texas to Florida and all markets in-between.

We can guarantee the costs associated with your mechanical systems throughout their lifecycle. We also offer energy efficiency consulting, helping you promote energy conservation with little or no upfront costs.

We are the Gulf Coast's air conditioning experts! Star services ALL makes and manufacturers. Or contracts are in some of the hottest, most humid locations in the country, in some of the most demanding conditions an industrial environment has to offer. We work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Star Service has locations throughout the Gulf Coast Region. You can find us in Baton Rouge, LA, Houston, TX, Jackson, MS,  New Orleans, LA, Mobile, AL, Lafayette, LA, and Lake Charles, LA.

Our Commercial HVAC & AC Maintenance Services include:

Properly installed and maintained Automation and Control Systems can help aid in the management of facilities and the energy use of mechanical and electrical systems.  We can integrate and maintain various control & automation systems.
Energy Management Services
Star Service offers a full range of energy conservation services and products. Whether you need a detailed, comprehensive energy audit and load studies or a guaranteed, self-funded programs that will fund badly needed improvements to your facility, Star Service can help.
Our registered, Professional Mechanical engineers have years of experience resolving some of the most complex problems associated with environmental systems.
Filtration & Media
Sensitive electronics require special care. Star's comprehensive understanding of pressurization, controls, HVAC system design and air filtration guarantees the right solution.
Indoor Air Verification and Testing

Indoor Air Quality evaluations have been a competency of Star Service for many years. We have the technology and staff able to measure the performance of your environmental systems and verify that the air is acceptable for its occupants.

Air conditioning maintenance is our core business. We want to save you money through improved maintenance. It is our goal to reduce your cost and improve your comfort and the reliability of your systems.
Other Capabilities and Services
Contact Us to learn more about some of our speciality services.
Whether you are renovating an existing building, trying to find a solution to a recurring problem or constructing a new facility, we can provide innovative cost-effective solutions.



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