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Guaranteed Design, Construction Estimates and Associated Operating Costs


Whether you are renovating an existing building, trying to find a solution to a recurring problem or constructing a new facility, we can provide innovative cost-effective HVAC system solutions. If you need to upgrade or replace an existing system, we can design a solution that will minimize disruption, downtime and expense.

Our team of engineers and project managers have years of field experience working through some of the most complex problems associated with building environmental systems. Trouble-shooting comfort issues in commercial buildings has been our specialty. Many buildings have never been commissioned properly or modified over the years for various reasons, only to leave buidling owners and managers with a system that is not efficient or effective.

From sophisticated pressurization and clean room design, to the design of all types of Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation systems that meet NFPA 496 code requirements, our project teams can meet your requirements.

Our designs are guaranteed, as are our construction estimates and associated future operating costs. Star Service is uniquely positioned to design systems with maintenance and maximized life-of-equipment in mind.

Standard for Purged and Pressurized Enclosures for Electrical Equipment

NFPA 496 provides information on the methods for purging and pressurizing electrical equipment enclosures to prevent ignition of a flammable atmosphere, whether introduced into the enclosure by a surrounding external atmosphere or by an internal source.