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Quality Maintenance for Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Quality maintenance

Since partnering with Star Service, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church has benefited from full-service preventive HVAC maintenance, experiencing a reduction in time and money spent on repairs and maintenance. With 40 HVAC units, Immaculate Conception experienced issues with their equipment on an almost daily basis. Before their partnership, Immaculate Conception found itself constantly placing service calls and worrying about unit repairs. Now, Star Service has it handled. 

Star Service’s regular preventative maintenance and repairs has granted Immaculate Conception peace of mind, while also lowering the number of service calls needed, and when a service call is made, a technician is sent over right away. 

With no surprises regarding billing, the set cost of Star Service’s HVAC maintenance also provides Immaculate Conception with ease and reassurance. Even when the unpredictable occurs and additional repairs are needed, the cost is always the same.