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Providing Expertise and Financial Planning for Imperial Calcasieu

Imperial Calcasieu

As a behavioral health service company that directs several state programs, Imperial Calcasieu operates out of older, state-inherited buildings. With years of wear and tear, many of these buildings required extreme repairs. 

Instead of continuously paying for unpredictable, costly repairs, Imperial Calcasieu decided it was time for a change.

Star Service provides Imperial Calcasieu with thought-out financial plans and dedicated service. Tailored to set them up for success and make the most out of their facilities, our fixed-cost, preventative maintenance plans serve as proactive solutions that extend the lifetime of equipment and reduce HVAC expenses. 

When you partner with Star, we become part of your team. Working to ensure your business is operating at optimal levels, we perform full maintenance checks and walk you through our plans, never leaving you in the dark. Learn more about Star’s preventative maintenance plans today!